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2011, Jimmy Mercer, Holby City, BBC, Dermot Boyd
2010, Peter Grigson, The Bill, Thames Talkback, Rexa Moradi
2009, Jim, Casualty, BBC, Adrian Vitoria
2009, David, The Scum Also Rises, BBC 3
2008, Jim Osgood, Heartbeat, ITV Productions, Piotr Szkopeki
2007, D.I Vic Sayles, He Kills Coppers, Ecosse, Adrian Shergold
2006, Jake Moon - 2 Yrs, Eastenders, BBC Television, Various Directors
2003, Toby Hague, Doctors, BBC Television, Ray Priest
2003, Joel Mardell, Holby City, BBC Television, Richard Signy
2003, Lee, The Office - Christmas Specials, BBC Television, Ricky Gervais/Stephen Merchant
2002, Lee, The Office (Series 2), BBC Television, Stephen Merchant/Ricky Gervais
2001, Lee, The Office (Series 1), BBC Television, Ricky Gervais/Stephen Merchant
2000, Lieutenant Holden, Band Of Brothers, Dreamworks USA, Tom Hanks
2000, Tony McBride, The Bill, Thames Television, Roger Tucker
1999, Andy, Happy Birthday Shakespeare, BBC Television, Nick Hurran
1998, Shane Smith, The Bill, Thames Television, Ian White
1998, DS. Rayner, The Jump, Warner Sisters, Richard Standeven


2009, Film, Cowboy, Piccadilly High Noon, Liminal Films, James Dean
2008, Feature Film, Jonny, The Big I Am, TBIA Productions, Nick Auerbach
2008, Film, Andrew, Spoiler, EW films, Ed Whitmore
2007, Feature Film, Davey, Eve, Lunchtime Productions, Jack Davies
2007, Film, Terry, Christmas Time, little one productions, Zoe Nathenson
2006, Film, Liam Riley, Next, Fearlessly Frank Limited, Brett Goldstein
2004, Film, Terry, Green Street, Lexi Alexander











Zone 22 - Over the last 6 years Joel has been working alongside his good friend Tig Hague and together they have produced a book called Zone 22...more.

FIRESIDE TALES - Joel is currently working with Torpedo films on a series of short films entitled 'Fireside Tales'...more soon..